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Wrought Iron Hand Rail

Wrought Iron Hand Rail

Wrought Iron Hand Rail

We make many hand rails for many different types of location, this is an example of just one.

6 thoughts on “Wrought Iron Hand Rail

  1. I am looking for a double sided clock to hang in a shopping precinct to commemorate two locals, who died in the Peterloo Massacre 200 years ago this August. Something ornate and fitting for a memorial and can clearly be seen down the Mall as a reminder to of our local heritage. Any possibilities/suggestions?

    1. Hello Christine
      I am sure Andy could come up with an idea, however as this is a time consuming craft the cost is mostly in the design and how ornate. If you could provide an idea of budget then we can work within this. I take it, it would need to be completed by August? We would also need to know roughly the height it would be hung at and the sort of dimensions you are thinking of
      Please email any further information and if you have any design ideas then images or rough sketches to us at

  2. Hi, I’m wondering if you could make two shelf brackets for a piece of copper my Dad has? The copper is only 10cm wide so the brackets on your website would be too big. However my Dad visited the forge about 2 months ago and loved everything in it. Please let me know if you think it’s possible. Ta. Lizzie

    1. Hello Lozzie
      Thank you for your enquiry. We can make bespoke shelf brackets. Perhaps you could email us a picture of the copper shelf and some dimensions and which style of our brackets you would like. We can then give you a price. Please email

  3. We need a bespoke stairs handrail for a listed cottage. This would entail a visit as the stairs are winding and we are looking for something stylish but unusual. We are in the process of doing a small amt of renovation so time is not of importance but a plan would help. The cottage is in Hawkchurch and we are here until 2nd July on this visit but will be back at end of July. Your work looks fabulous!! Just what we are looking for.

    1. Hello Sandra
      So glad that you like our work. We will be in touch to arrange a visit.
      Could you possibly give us a phone number we could contact you on

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