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School Trophy

School Trophy
The Headteacher at Branscombe C of E Primary school approached Andrew to make a rope style cup based on a pupils sketch.

The school were reviewing their Behaviour Policy and following consultation with children,  parents and staff decided on a team point system to reward positive behaviour and to  encourage the children to work together.  The team with the most points would have the trophy for that week.

Phoebes Design

A competition was set up for the design of the trophy.  Phoebe drew the winning design, based   on a coil of rope.   She said that strong teams work together well ~  just like the strands in a strong rope.

The school council chose names for the four new school teams.  To carry on the rope theme they decided on the names of four knots which, as the school is near the sea, gave the reward system a nautical theme which seemed appropriate.

Although I made the  trophy during their summer holidays, when the children  returned to school they came to visit the forge to see the final stages of  finishing their trophy and how the forge  worked.  I showed them how the rope had been forged and they loved how the metal changed   colour as it became hotter.  They were fascinated with the whole process of how it was made.

We had taken photographs to enable the children to see clearly how their trophy was made. The children were so pleased with their new trophy it is on display in the school entrance hall.


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