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Bluebells Sculpture

Wrought Iron Bluebell Sculpture

I have been wanting to create some garden sculptures for some time now and noticed, whilst walking in some beautiful bluebell woods this spring, the arch of the bluebells is in the shape of a perfect ironwork scroll.  I took this inspiration from nature and decided to create a 6 foot giant bluebell garden sculpture.

It has been galvanized to protect it from the elements then coated in a mordant solution.

It was first displayed at Exeter Craft Festival on the Cathedral Green and was purchased by a retirement home to stand at the front of the building.

I plan to make more garden sculptures including more bluebells, please contact us if you have a design in mind that you would like created.


5 thoughts on “Bluebells Sculpture

  1. How much are your bluebell sculptures and do you do smaller ones in height than those Pictured?

    1. Hello They are £1960. A smaller one could be made but it would be more expensive

  2. My husband bought this for me as a birthday present at the Honiton show 2018, I absolutely love it !! Thank you ?

  3. I have just been given such a very beautiful present by my daughter, your bluebell sculpture. The picture on your website does not come anywhere close to doing it justice. The way you have sculpted such a delicate flower in such a strong material and given it such an ethereal magical quality is what defines an artist. Siting in grass backed by a tall wide light green conifer I cannot stop looking at it and can see endless possibilities in other positions in the garden which would make everything look entirely different should I ever wish to move it. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad that you like your sculpture. It was a great pleasure to make Would it be possible to send a photo of it in its new home?
      Many thanks

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