Wrought Iron Garden Products

Our blacksmiths in Devon can produce an unrivalled range of wrought iron garden. You need look no further for that special something for your garden than ASH Ironworks.

All of our Garden Ironwork is hand crafted in one of our Devon Forges, with maximum attention to detail, visual appeal and quality. We always use long lasting, durable coatings on our Ironwork, and are confident that our range of garden ironwork is the very best available for sale anywhere.

Included in our collection of wrought iron garden products include Garden Benches, Bird Feeders, Hanging Basket Brackets, Glass and Bottle Holders, Weather Vanes, Planters and Flower tubs, and everything you need for your wellies. Everything is hand made at our forges in Devon by highly skilled blacksmiths.

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If you need any further advice or assistance or would like to speak to your blacksmiths about customising any of these products, please feel free to contact us using the details on our Contact Page.