Bespoke Wrought Iron Work

Bespoke Iron Work

At ASH Ironworks, the blacksmith’s art, craft and the skill involved in working with metal have withstood the test of time. Using traditional and modern methods, our hand-made bespoke wrought iron work can be forged to your exact specifications. Whether you’re after a delicately crafted flower, with individual petals teased out of solid steel, or a simple gate displaying your initials or family crest, we can deliver it.

Whether you have a clear idea of the perfect piece of bespoke iron, or are looking for something totally new and unique, our master blacksmith Andrew Hall will work with you to help design the perfect accompaniment to your home or garden. We have created everything from Bespoke Gates and Railings, to Metal Sculptures, Weather Vanes, Fire Grates and Wall Art.

The Possibilities of Bespoke Wrought Iron

The design possibilities of bespoke wrought iron are literally endless, only restricted by the depth of your imagination. For example, our garden furniture can be customised to meet your own design or size specifications. Why not include your initials, or the name of your house, pub or restaurant? As long as it can be made in metal, ASH Ironworks can make it happen.

The list really is endless. Metal sculptures for your garden or house, custom designed chandelier, custom-designed coat hooks to grace your hallway, beautiful script initials as a unique gift. ASH Ironworks can do it all, and make your design ideas a reality.

Some of the bespoke items Andy has created are showcased below, but for more pictures and details, see our Bespoke Wrought Iron Portfolio. Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to bespoke wrought iron work from ASH Ironworks. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Below you can see some of the bespoke wrought iron products our master blacksmith, Andrew Hall has created. To see more pictures and read about each, please click on the links below.

Our Bespoke Iron Work Portfolio

  • Wrought Iron Four Poster Bed

    Four Poster Bed

    This four poster bed was made as a copy of an existing, but smaller, bed. The bed fits a King Size divan base. The finish is Zinc plated. For sale £2100, please contact for further information
  • Fleur de Lys Fire Dogs

    Bespoke Fire Basket and Fire Dogs

    The Fire Dogs with this fire basket feature a chunky Fleur de Lys and a Barley twist.  We had to raise the basket to a height which would prevent the fire from smoking back into the room
  • Wrought Iron Rose House Sign

    Rose House Sign

    This house sign was  commissioned to go on pillars either side of an entrance gate. The house name on one side and the house number on the other.
  • Wrought Iron Standard Lamp

    Standard Lamp

    Wrought Iron Standard Lamp with decorative drop pendants. The finish is polished and satin lacquered. Price: £345.00 This is made to order so please contact us.
  • Iron Anniversary Gift

    Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift

    Having seen the C&S Initials I had made for another client I was approached for a similar idea in a different style for the couples first name initials (S&F) surrounded by the initial for their surname (O). We are pleased to make bespoke gifts such as these to your personal design or we can assist with […]
  • Tower Poppy Holder

    Tower Poppy Holder

    This wall mounted holder for a Tower of London Poppy incorporates 2 of our steel poppies.
  • Wrought Iron Window Box

    Window Box

    This Window Box is 2.5m long. It is hot dip galvanised to protect against rust and then painted black.
  • Wellie Door Knocker

    Wellie Door Knocker

    I was asked to make a Wellie door knocker which I thought was a fun idea and this is how it turned out.
  • Medieval Sword

    Medieval Sword

    I was commissioned to make a ceremonial medieval sword for Kirk Langer of Los Angeles, California, who is brother of Lady AJ Courtenay, of Powderham Castle.  Powderham Castle has been the home of the Courtenay family since 1390, and is where the sword was forged at the ASH Ironworks workshop. I was asked to base […]
  • Glass & Wrought Iron Candle Holder

    Iron & Glass Candle Holder

    This candle holder incorporates fused glass discs from Jo Downs. This is my first foray into mixing other materials with my ironwork and I hope will be the first of a number of new designs. Jo Downs is one of the world’s most respected fused glass designers Size: 550mm high x 400mm diameter Price: £320.00 including VAT […]
  • Wrought Iron Garden Arch

    Garden Arch

    I was approached by the charity, Force, to create a bespoke wrought iron garden arch/screen for their new garden at RD&E Exter Hospital. It was to partially screen a consulting room from the garden for privacy. The garden is a new project which has just been completed to allow patients a quiet and serene place […]
  • Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift

    I was approached to create a couples’ initials (C&S) in a specific style as an iron wedding anniversary gift . I thought this was a lovely idea and was pleased to make it for them. We are pleased to make bespoke gifts such as these to your personal design or we can assist with choosing […]
  • Wrought Iron Candlestick

    St Clements Candlestick

    Andrew made this candlestick in a competition at Finch Foundry on St Clements Day 2012 and won the St Clements trophy. St Clements is the patron saint of blacksmiths and this competition is held annualy at Finch Foundry with blacksmiths coming from all over the country.
  • Greek Gods Screen

    Screen of the Greek Gods

    In the winter of 2005 I decided to design and craft an item to compete for the following year’s “Blacksmith of the Year” title.  I decided to incorporate repoussé  panels depicting Greek Gods. I chose three gods:  Atlas, Neptune and Venus as they represented the two elements that make up our planet ; earth and […]
  • Hampton Court Anne Bolyn Gate

    Anne Bolyn Gate Hinges at Hampton Court

    I was approached by another blacksmith to help forge the hinges for the new Anne Boleyn gate at Hampton court. The specification was to forge hinges from 90 x 15 wrought iron to hang the oak gates. The gates are 16 feet high by 13 feet wide and weighing 1.5 tons. The chance to work with […]
  • Dover Castle Keep Entrance Door Furniture

    Dover Castle Keep Door Furniture

    The Great Tower at Dover castle recently underwent a major restoration project. Many craftsmen were used to create accurate reproductions of 12th century objects and décor. Towards the end of the project the forge work was running behind schedule and I was approached by the manufacturers of the oak doors for the castle to take […]
  • Bespoke Square Wrought Iron Chandelier

    Bespoke Square Chandelier

    The design of this chandelier is based on our ring chandeliers featuring spindle lights and decorated with petal rosettes.
  • Bespoke Wrought Iron Wine Rack

    Bespoke Wine Rack

    This wine rack was commissioned to precisely fit an arched alcove.
  • Wrought Iron Hand Rail

    Wrought Iron Hand Rail

    We make many hand rails for many different types of location, this is an example of just one.

6 thoughts on “Wrought Iron Hand Rail

  1. I am looking for a double sided clock to hang in a shopping precinct to commemorate two locals, who died in the Peterloo Massacre 200 years ago this August. Something ornate and fitting for a memorial and can clearly be seen down the Mall as a reminder to of our local heritage. Any possibilities/suggestions?

    1. Hello Christine
      I am sure Andy could come up with an idea, however as this is a time consuming craft the cost is mostly in the design and how ornate. If you could provide an idea of budget then we can work within this. I take it, it would need to be completed by August? We would also need to know roughly the height it would be hung at and the sort of dimensions you are thinking of
      Please email any further information and if you have any design ideas then images or rough sketches to us at

  2. Hi, I’m wondering if you could make two shelf brackets for a piece of copper my Dad has? The copper is only 10cm wide so the brackets on your website would be too big. However my Dad visited the forge about 2 months ago and loved everything in it. Please let me know if you think it’s possible. Ta. Lizzie

    1. Hello Lozzie
      Thank you for your enquiry. We can make bespoke shelf brackets. Perhaps you could email us a picture of the copper shelf and some dimensions and which style of our brackets you would like. We can then give you a price. Please email

  3. We need a bespoke stairs handrail for a listed cottage. This would entail a visit as the stairs are winding and we are looking for something stylish but unusual. We are in the process of doing a small amt of renovation so time is not of importance but a plan would help. The cottage is in Hawkchurch and we are here until 2nd July on this visit but will be back at end of July. Your work looks fabulous!! Just what we are looking for.

    1. Hello Sandra
      So glad that you like our work. We will be in touch to arrange a visit.
      Could you possibly give us a phone number we could contact you on

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